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About Us

HypeAnalysis is the world’s leading Cryptocurrency Media Analytics Platform. What we do is track each cryptocurrency’s media presence and popularity, because we believe this information is of utmost importance to anyone interested in cryptocurrencies.

Our Methodology

We conduct this through the tracking of mentions of each cryptocurrency that are present in English-language news sites across the internet. We also do that through tracking how often each cryptocurrency is searched for on search engines across the internet. We present this information for:

  1. Active ICOs;
  2. Upcoming ICOs; and
  3. Currently Traded Cryptocurrencies

Active ICOs are those ICOs that are currently ongoing, Upcoming ICOs are those ICOs that have been announced, but have not started, and Currently Traded Cryptocurrencies are those that have completed their ICOs.

The tables "Most Mentioned Active ICOs", "Most Mentioned Upcoming ICOs" and "Most Mentioned Currently Traded Coins" show the active ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and currently traded coins that have the most mentions across the internet. As part of our measurement of mentions, we look at both cryptocurrency news sites and the most well-known general news sites across the internet. For purposes of our measurement, multiple mentions of a cryptocurrency in an article are counted as one mention. In regards to the metric "Number of People Reached", we calculate this data by adding up all of the mentions of a cryptocurrency, and then taking into account the average number of a news site’s visitors to estimate the number of people who could have potentially seen those mentions. 

The table "Top Searched ICOs" shows the number of times each Active ICO has been searched for over the internet. This information is presented only for Active ICOs.

All of this information can be seen for the Most Recent Day, the Last 7 days, the last 30 days, and for Max (from the beginning of our tracking). Information about the Start of the ICO, the End of the ICO, Funds Raised, and Funding Target is sourced from all over the internet.

Additionally, we assign a HypeIndex of between 0 and 100 to each cryptocurrency. The HypeIndex is calculated based on a proprietary formula, which takes into account the number of news site mentions, the number of people reached, and the number of searches. All results are rounded up to the nearest index point and are based on previous month’s data. It should be noted that the HypeIndex calculation for Most Mentioned Upcoming ICOs and Most Mentioned Currently Traded Coins does not take into account number of searches.

We also present information on the Most Hyped New ICOs, which are those Active, Upcoming and Searchable ICOs that have appeared in their corresponding categories in the last 30 days and that have shown the biggest growth in their HypeIndex in the last 30 days.

For the user’s convenience, we have also included HypeCompare, which allows for the comparison of two or more cryptocurrencies in regards to news site mentions. 

We are not responsible for any omissions or mistakes in any of the aforementioned data featured on our site. For further information, please access our pages - Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

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