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Bitmain officially announced the release of two 7-nanometer miners – S15 and T15

Story Highlights

  • Up to 120 GH / s

  • Energy efficiency ratio up to 55 mJ / GH

New mining equipment

The leading manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain announced the start of sales of new ASIC-devices Antminer for mining Bitcoin – S15 and T15, equipped with 7-nm chips.

Higher performance and energy efficiency

In a September speech by the CEO of Bitmain and co-founder Jihan Wu, he said that the new chip combines “over a billion miners” using a special circuit and low-power technology to optimize efficiency. Wu argued that the tests showed that the chip can achieve an energy consumption ratio down to a minimum performance of up to 42 J / t. Bitmain also published headlines, announcing that it will release a firmware update for the so-called “Overt AsicBoost” for all of its Antminer models, which it claims will increase efficiency on the machines. Bitfury Group unveiled its own 14-nm ASIC chip, dubbed Bitfury Clarke, which is set up to develop SHA256 Bitcoin. The Bitfury chip reportedly can hash up to 120 gigabytes per second (GH / s) and an energy efficiency ratio of up to 55 milliJoules per gigahash (mJ / GH).

Bitfury revealed that they raised $ 80 million in a closed round of financing led by Korelya Capital, a European venture capital fund. November 5, just a week after the message that sales of crypto mining were “insignificant” in the third quarter of 2018, the American semiconductor manufacturer AMD apparently collaborated with seven major technology companies to produce eight new installations for the development of cryptocurrency systems, which it sells like ‘blockchain computing solutions.