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Blockchain in agriculture

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  • Investors have already planted $1,718,000

  • NagriTech applied to SEC

The world’s first company that combines agriculture and blockchain

Blockchain technology is spreading more and more around the world. However, could you think that the blockchain will be used in agriculture? NagriTech – Natural Agricultural Technologies, the world’s first company that combines agriculture and blockchain. Their goal is to create highly effective fertilizers that will help farmers in developing countries.

NAgriTech invested heavily in developing an organic and nature-oriented approach to modern sustainable agriculture, NAgriTech promises to increase optimal yields using natural, sustainable approaches and market itself as the agricultural product of the future. Instead of traditional capital raising methods, NAgriTech decided to follow the ICO path. Now common practice in the Agriculture business dictates that farmers often look for long-term financing solutions and payments can be (and in fact are) often deferred by over a year, making financing operations difficult. The old solution, IPOs, or Initial Public Offerings are long and costly affairs, often forcing the company to raise $1-2 million in administrative and legal fees, with results not guaranteed.

NagriTech stands on the border with an exciting new era – large-scale, organized people, organic agriculture, people, people. Due to the fact that the people who benefit most from the success of the company have increased funding, NAgriTech hopes to bridge the gap between the real sector economy and the digital world of investors. In order to gain the confidence of investors from the United States, the company applied to The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC has issued an exemption for NagriTech. The company received notice of their Regulation D 506 (C). This type of exemption allows the company to offer NagriCoin to accredited US investors who transfer the KYC (Know Your Customer) background form. Their official ITO offer began on May 28 and lasted until June 30 with the opportunity for early investors to receive a discount of up to 50% during their preliminary ITO. Then investors get 25% of the issue price at the time of the official ITO.

Many new coin offerings don’t allow investment from the United States because of the expense, time, effort, and need for transparency to the SEC. The lack of effort by new ICO’s has left many in cryptocurrency markets with limited ability to invest. Taking the time to register with the SEC provides more opportunities for investors to participate and to track their investments. NagriCoin had to report to the SEC, but says, “Our goal is to foster trust, transparency, inclusivity, and prove to the world that we are serious about making it a better place for all of us to live and eat.”

Thanks to all this, the company has managed to get funds form ICO and private venture investors. Investors have already planted $1,718,000 in their green thumbs to fulfill their vision, which places them squarely on the fourth spot on this list and this is not a limit. It is hard to imagine that such a successful company, started from scratch, went through all stages, received funding and is ready to create. All we have to do now is to observe the company’s success and see how they accomplish a revolution in agriculture.

Mur Kvantaliani

MUR KVANTALIANI Mur Kvantaliani is an International researcher, scholar and journalist. His interests focus on geopolitics, economics, renewable energy and new technologies. Mur holds Masters degrees in English and German literature. He has lived and worked in the United States and Germany where he developed his career as a journalist and creative writer.

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