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In two years, the cryptocurrency market may cost $ 2 trillion

Story Highlights

  • Capitalization will be $200b

  • It could grow 10 times

Rally may begin within the next two years

The fact that now prices are not the highest does not necessarily mean that the market will not start to grow in the near future. The fund manager believes that the rally may begin within the next two years, which will lead to a 10-fold increase if certain conditions are met. The price of the current total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is more than 200 billion dollars – this is much lower than it was at its peak, when it reached 818 billion dollars on January 7 of this year, according to CoinMarketCap.

Stunning growth

Joey Krug, one of the main investment directors of Pantera Capital, recently revealed in an interview his views on the main events in the crypto industry. According to the Krug, the market may grow next year, not only recovering from its losses during the January correction, but even outperform a record maximum with a huge margin. The Krug predicts that the predominance of the bullish trend can bring the total market capitalization from $ 209 billion to $ 2 trillion. In an interview, the Krug stated: “Before that, we could see a rebound, but I think that this will be a real catalyst, which, ultimately, will lead to an increase. The total crypto space [could grow] 10 times from now on. ” But you must first accept the crypto and the blockchain before attempting a rapid growth. He also noted that, although many decentralized applications have recently been released, most of them do not yet have users. The Krug said that there are two main things holding back the adoption of these applications. One of the reasons is the high cost of converting Fiat, such as the dollar, euro and yen to a crypto. Another reason is scalability, most of these applications are not scalable, which means that consumers are burdened by the fact that transaction speed is extremely slow.

However, the Krug said that these are problems that can be addressed over the next year. Pantera Capital invests in companies and startups that are trying to solve these problems. Krug said: “But I think we will see blockchains as quickly as VISA or Mastercard in a few years.”

Mur Kvantaliani

MUR KVANTALIANI Mur Kvantaliani is an International researcher, scholar and journalist. His interests focus on geopolitics, economics, renewable energy and new technologies. Mur holds Masters degrees in English and German literature. He has lived and worked in the United States and Germany where he developed his career as a journalist and creative writer.

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