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Top 5 New York PR Companies for personal branding

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  • If you want to build and expand your personal brand, consider contacting these five New York PR companies

Top 5 New York PR Companies for personal branding

Begging a startup is difficult. Without credibility, it is impossible for entrepreneurs to establish themselves. It doesn’t matter what business you are making, you have to uniquely present yourself stand out. One way is to build your personal brand. When you earn social proof, you grow more as a brand. Consequently, as you earn more social proof, your more clients want to come to you and give you their money.

Hawkins International PR – the firm’s portfolio includes Paris Hotel Plaza Athénée, the Beverly Hills Hotel, Loews Hotel & Resorts, and Fairmont. Hawkins International PR is a small firm that draws a diverse background representing luxury brands and leading lifestyle. They work with partners and clients all around the world. They deliver interesting approaches and unique strategic planning, which reflects their passion for popular events and travel. They are famous for securing media placements for their clients. They assist in forming key partnerships, organizing photo shoots, press trips, coordinating award submissions, developing crisis communications, and much more. They provide service extensions to their clients’ marketing teams and promote their brand.

Lou Hammond Group – an integrated marking firm, with headquarters in many places, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Charleston, and Huston. Lou Hammond Group has been a leader in marketing and PR for 35 years. They serve eight industries: Destinations, Arts, Culture & Nonprofit, Food &Drink, Economic Development, Cruise & Travel, Hospitality, Real Estate and Technology. They have one employee for each client, so with 40 employees they serve 40 clients. They emphasize collaboration in everything they do – from financial arrangements to creative work. They are famous for treating clients as partners and providing high-quality service. Their clients include Antigua Resort, Cinnamon Bay Resort, and Barbuda Resort.

Lion and Lamb Communications – unlike other PR companies, Lion and Lamb Communications don’t blast press releases to famous media outlets and they don’t recycle old strategies for new clients. Instead, they think, listen to their clients to create authentic, creative messages that quickly grab attention. Their list of clients includes Birch Coffee, Au Zaatar, W Hotels, Oiju, and Cuba Travel Network. What makes Lion and Lamb Communications unique is that they are always aware of the constantly changes in industry. They adapt to television, print, and digital properties to create unique and exclusive stories. They know how to help client make an easy entrance into the industry.

Exclusive PR Solutions – is a New York based PR company. Exclusive PR Solutions focuses on promoting clients and promoting press releases for them. The firm creates custom content for its clients including websites, print and digital journals, audio and video production. It is primarily known for working with journalists, editors, analysists and authoritative independent voices from the private sector to pitch placements to different publications such as New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Forbes International, CNBC, BBC, and the Economist.

Butler Associates – is an award-winning PR communications agency. It is mainly focused on improving clients’ image, providing services as generating publicity, building a brand name, creating connections with stakeholders and more. Butler also offers multi-media services in graphic design, audio, and video production, web development and media strategies. They also focus on creating impactful relationships with their clients and third-party supporters. The Butler team brings a wide spectrum of knowledge through journalists, corporate communications directors, government press secretaries, and political campaign managers. As a boutique firm, they are experts on clients’ issues and have a working relationship with their clients for over twenty years.


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