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Turkish police arrest hackers suspected of stealing $ 80,000 in Bitcoin

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  • 11 suspects

  • 22 memory cards, SIM cards and two fake IDs

Crypto wallets were hacked

The Turkish criminal group detained 11 people suspected of breaking into cryptocurrency wallets, Turkish Hurriyet newspaper reported. The newspaper said the victims reported losses in excess of $ 80,000. The operation was launched after the Turkish authorities ’anti-cybercrime group received several complaints from victims. About 14 people reported to the police about their hacked crypto wallets.

Criminals were trying to withdraw money from ATMs

The police launched an investigation against a group of cybercriminals who allegedly hacked the email addresses of the victims and the cryptocurrency passwords and account information. On the 26th of last month, 11 suspects were arrested in connection with a crime in different places. One suspect was released, and 11 are in custody at the time of writing. In addition, the police confiscated 18 cell phones, 22 memory cards, SIM cards and two fake IDs. The suspects allegedly used some of the seized hacking devices.

According to prosecutors, the amount stolen by BTC costs more than $ 80,000. The suspects allegedly transferred the stolen crypto coins to several wallets and, therefore, exchanged them for Fiat, the article says. Law enforcement officers tracked down criminals who were trying to withdraw fiat money from several ATMs and banks. Surveillance cameras recorded their actions and movements. Police said the investigation is ongoing and they are looking for more suspects.

A few months ago, several news agencies reported that bitcoin.org grew by almost 50% after the fall of the lira. Turkey is one of the states that fell under the fire of the Trump administration’s trade war. The Turkish lira is said to have fallen by more than 45 % against the US dollar in 2018. Similar to what we saw in Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, three other countries crippled by US sanctions, Turkish citizens are seeking refuge in cryptocurrency.

Mur Kvantaliani

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