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Info about Bytecoin and How We Measure its Popularity

Anonymous egalitarian digital currency based on CryptoNote technology.
HypeAnalysis is the world’s leading Cryptocurrency Media Analytics Platform, which tracks and analyzes each cryptocurrency’s media presence and popularity. This is achieved through the tracking of mentions of each cryptocurrency on English-language news sites across the internet. This is also done through the tracking of how often each cryptocurrency is searched for on search engines across the globe. We monitor numerous media outlets from multiple countries and provide traders and investors with cryptocurrency analysis and trading signals even before the initial coin offering. We also provide an overall coin ranking, we call HypeIndex, which assigns an overall value based on a proprietary formula that takes into account the number of news site mentions, the number of people reached, and the number of searches. Using our system’s aggregated data, traders and investors can determine which is the most popular cryptocurrency and obtain detailed ICO reviews and ICO stats.

Bytecoin Coin Mentions Analytics

Overall number of mentions:
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Bytecoin Coin Analytics Outline

Hypeanalysis started monitoring Bytecoin on 2018-03-07

Highest number of news mentions reached was 9 on 2018-05-09, reaching an audience of 2402973 people

Lowest number of news mentions reached was 1 on 2018-07-12

The news mention growth trend over the last 30 days experienced no change

HypeIndex is up 3 vs previous month

Coins with a comparable number of mentions and similar trends:BitConnectStormThe DeepSpotLightAPIS

Number of Mentions
Mentions vs same day last month
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No mentions
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Bytecoin Coin Report

HypeIndex0-50 – The coin has some mentions on news websites or has been searched for on the internet. This suggests that the coin is somewhat known on the cryptocurrency market.

HypeIndex is calculated from 0 to 100 based on a proprietary formula, which takes into account the number of news site mentions, the number of people reached, and the number of searches. All results are rounded up to the nearest index point and are based on previous month’s data. NOTE: the HypeIndex calculation for Most Mentioned Upcoming ICOs and Most Mentioned Currently Traded Coins does not take into account the number of searches.

Searches0-10 – The coin has not been searched for or has been searched for on search engines very few times. This suggests that the coin is not well known on the cryptocurrency market.

We track the number of times each Active ICO has been searched for on internet search engines. This information is presented only for Active ICOs. Data is updated once a month.

Mentions0-30 – The coin has not been mentioned or has been mentioned very few times on tracked news websites. This suggests that the coin is not well known on the cryptocurrency market.

In order to calculate the number of times a cryptocurrency is mentioned in the media, we look at both cryptocurrency news sites and the most well-known general news sites across the internet. For purposes of our measurement, multiple mentions of a cryptocurrency in an article are counted as one mention.

People Reached1M+ – The coin has been seen by a very large number of people on news websites. This suggests that the coin is popular on the cryptocurrency market.

In order to calculate the total number of people reached by coin mentions on news websites, we add up all the articles where a coin has been mentioned and multiply that by the average number of a news website’s visitors to estimate the number of people who may have potentially seen these mentions.

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