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2018/12/16 -
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STIPS|FinTech is a decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management based on EOS, powered by IBM. It consists of the following elements:Index STIPS20 — Professional Cryptocurrency Index [LAUNCHED];STIPS|20Fund — Open Tokenized Index Fund [LAUNCHED];STIPS|Oculus — First Decentralized Trading, Analytics and Management Platform [MVP].STIPS|Smart Fund — Decentralized Solution for Your Investments [Developing].STIPS|Oculus employs a combination of unique algorithms to identify fundamental parameters that influence the dynamics of token price. For analysis of the unstructured information (collected from the blockchain and provided by the platform’s users) the IBM Watson solution will be used. With a long list of data, a user can work out his/her unique trading strategy and apply it in everyday trading.The platform is designed for all market players:• Those who create tokens;• Those who buy tokens;• Those who want to earn by participating in the platform development.The Fund is an important part of the Oculus platform. Most users aren’t ready to make independent decisions and it’s important for them to have not only analytical tools, but also tools to transfer their assets for management.
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